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Children on the edge

The music in the video is originally made by Jonas Thornberg.
Listen to the original “Light My Fire” on Spotify here.


Our first donation

Children on the edge – Education for “untouchable” Dalit children in India

From their website:

As members of the lowest rank of Indian society, Dalits face discrimination at almost every level, from access to education and medical facilities to restrictions on where they can live and what jobs they can have.
This combination of persecution, discrimination and poverty leaves Dalit children in Bihar extremely vulnerable. Not only this, but there are high numbers of ‘Musahar’ children who represent the lowest strata of the Dalit caste. The term Musahar literally translates as ‘rat eaters’, a practice which ostracises the Musahar from other Dalit castes and reflects their desperate struggle for daily survival.


For more information visit www.childrenontheedge.org

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Why are we donating to a bank account in Sweden?

Brickstone International was founded in Sweden. This is where the organization is registred. Open up accounts in other countries as a non-profit organisation is difficult and expensive and we are convinced that we can use our donations in better ways. That’s the reason we’ve chosen to let everyone donate to our main account is Sweden to start with. It does take a little more effort when donating from other countries.
In the future we hope to be able to open up accounts in every country that is a member of Brickstone International.

If you have further questions about this, please contact the country manager of your country.

About us

It is so important for everyone working with our organisation to do it with love. There is so much guilt in the world, and the last thing we want to do is to add to that guilt. So if you choose to donate, do it out of love. Do it out of joy. Be thankful for yourself and that you have the oppotunity to make a difference. It is a blessing to be able to give. Embrace that.

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