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Children on the edge

About us


Brickstone was founded in 2017 by Sarah Bernhardt from Sweden. To start her own charity was something that has been brewing in her for sometime. She felt this urge to be of service to the world, but didn’t quite know how to do it, or even where to begin.  As it so often goes the epiphany arrived in just the right time, and in exactly the right way. Her vision was to start something that leaves the power and the decisions to people around the world. Because who better knows where to help, and who to help, then the people who witness the madness everyday? She wanted something international, with the oppertunity to grow worldwide, so she instantly reached out to some friends of hers from different countries. She just had this feeling that Sweden wasn’t enough, and that working together across borders is always a good idea. It happend to be 4 women that got the question to work with Sarah in creating Brickstone International. Alina Kangaslouma from Finland was the first to respond. Sarah and Alina meet in 2010 when they were both travelling in New Zealand. They instanly clicked and ended up staying in touch over the years. Brickstone was now an international organization. The next person to get back to Sarah was Ane Modell from Oslo, Norway. Ane and Sarah shared a flat together with two other girls back in 2005 when Sarah lived and worked in Oslo. Louisa Schumacher from Deutschland and Francesca Washtell from England both meet Sarah while they were all working as volonteers in South Africa back in 2008. This is also where she met Guillaume Darnualt from France, who joined the oragization as a supervisor in 2018. This network of friends from different parts of the world turned out to be so, so valuable. It would never had been this easy to find the right people from other countries otherwise. Sarah felt like somehow all the traveling and the decisions that she had made in her past had led her up til this point. Even though none of them knew it back then, they were all destined to meet, and work together to create Brickstone International.


Present day and forward….

Brickstone International is an international, non-profit organization. We are gathering donations for other organizations, as well as raising awareness and directing the spotlight on to problems that exist around the world involving abused, vulnerable children. We do not have any projects going of our own. We are here to enlight and support others. There are so many organizations out there working with and for children in need. And a lot of people are willing to supporting them. Brickstone International is here to spread your love and donations to different organizations.

Brickstone International VIP’s

Sarah, Alina, Ane, Louisa and Francesca are all supervisors of the country they live in. In addition to them we also have a board that  makes all the greater decisions.

Let me present to you Brickstone Internationals directors of board.

Sarah Bernhardt –  Chairman of board and founder of Brickstone International
Åsa Johansson –  secretary and one of the kindest, smartest people we know. She will make sure every piece of paper is in order.
Jeanette Carlsson – creative director and Sarah’s childhood friend. She sure has an eye for colours, shapes and how to create beautiful things, like our logotype.
Sebastian Johnsson – (substitute) Sarah’s living boyfriend, father of her children. The one who walks beside her on every adventure and the one who knows her best in the entire world….for better or worse…


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