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Children on the edge

When, how and where?

Four times a year Brickstone International are going to open our donation window. The window will stay open for 24 hours, and during these hours anyone can choose to donate.
The amount we’re asking for is 1 Euro, or 10 SEK, per person that chooses to donate, but you can of course give the amount that you are comfortable with.
Why not donate for your whole family and all of your friends while you’re at it! #doneraforflera

Before we open the window we will announce where the funds of that particular window will go, so everyone will always know in advance which organization they are funding. The organizations are picked by the supervisors by voting, and suggestions of organizations from you are very welcomed.

After these 24 hours  the collected funds will be presented on our website, and our social media channels, and donated to the organization that we’ve choosen.

To donate your 1 euro you have to make a transfer to our bank account in Sweden.
Please choose an option below

Swish: 123 420 93 75


IBAN: SE44 9500 0099 6034 0869 0091

Plus Giro: 86 90 09 – 1



123 420 93 75


SE44 9500 0099 6034 0869 0091

Plus Giro

86 90 09 – 1

Opening up bank accounts in other countries as a non-profit organization is difficult and expensive, and we are just getting started with our organization. Although everyone is working pro bono there are still fees that needs to be paid and there is simply no money in the organization to fund bank accounts in every country. Fortunately, this thing called SEPA (Single euro payments area), allows us to transfer money across boarders, charging us the same amount that it would have cost to transfer money nationally, which in most of the cases are free! SEPA covers the whole of the EU and other european countries such as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein and San Marino. You can read more about it at www.ec.europa.euIn the future we hope to be able to open up accounts in every country that is a member of Brickstone International, but for now, we hope you bear with us!

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