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Children on the edge

Questions on that?

We realise that there might be a lot of questions regarding Brickstone International. On this page we will try to straighten out the questionmarks for you. Hit us with any questions you may have!

1. Do anyone in your organization get paid?

Most of us involved with Brickstone International are working pro bono. We haven’t paid anyone for the animated video, music, logo, or the work done on our website. We have some cost for hosting the webpage, domain and banking fees. Paypal wants a piece of our donations aswell. In addition to this, the founder Sarah Bernhardt gets paid for the work she does. But only if the donation window raises more than 20 000 euro.
10 % of the money raised will go to an account for emergencys, such as donations or help in catastrophic areas in between the donation windows. We will always be very clear about where every euro go to. And anyone who would like information? Ask and you shall receive.

2. Which countries can join Brickstone International?

Basically any country can join, but as long as everyone are donating to a swedish bank account it is a lot easier if all the countries are european. Should we let that stop us though? Definitley not. Are you the right person to supervise your country? Send us an email!

3. Why aren’t there any pictures of children in need or despair on your website or at your social media channels?

That is a very conscious choice. We all know why we are doing this, and that help is needed everywhere. To shove the misery down peoples throats isn’t going to be productive, and it certainly isn’t going to bring a feeling of love to people. We are different as an organization in this aspect, and if you wan’t to do it the traditional way, there a lots of organizations out there for that. We choose to focus on the good in this. How we can unite people, bring a sence of oness, and the power we have, what we can achive when we’re working together as human beeings.

4. How do you decide which organization to raise money for?

We do that by going through suggestions and tips, and in the end the supervisors decides by voting. Sarah is in charge of contacting the organizations, making sure that they are valid and serious about what they are doing. We also make sure that we always receive a receipt from the organizations that your money go to, and follows up on the project.

5. How do we know that you are a serious organization?

This is a tricky question. We belive that there are very few non profit organizations out there that aren’t serious, but they do exist. And we bet that they seem super genuine about their work. Just like us. So how do we answer this question? For starters, we have an “open book-policy”. We think it’s important that organizations like ours can be open and tranparent with how your donations are being at service to others, and we have absolutley nothing to hide! We will answer every question and validate our anwers with documents if needed. We work on the notion that trust is earned through actions, not words.

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